Automation Machine Estimator


Job Title: Automation Machine Cost Estimator

Official Job Spec: Link here

Supervisor: Co-Founder

Job Description:

The Cost Estimator manages customer request information and prepares proposals based upon machine capabilities, processes and estimated costs. Must have engineering knowledge and be able to interpret engineering drawings, machine and component part data. Requires baseline knowledge of manufacturing systems and controls systems with direct experience in automation systems and/or robotic equipment.

  • Prepare machine quotes with cycle time analysis, process PowerPoints, 2D AutoCAD layouts, and cost sheets.
  • Interpret engineering layouts and data.
  • Estimate labor hours for the automation equipment build process including mechanical and electrical design, fabrication, assembly, installation and customer buyoff process.
  • Estimates hard costs of proposed automation equipment including raw material and purchased components.
  • Estimates design and specification changes.
  • Further calibrate standard cost model for improving speed and accuracy estimating process
  • Maintain knowledge of designs, manufacturing processes and procedures with direct experience in automation and/or robotic equipment.
  • Help in developing system proposal presentations to assist in winning business.
  • Coordinate closely with engineering and manufacturing departments to calibrate proposals.
  • Liaise with purchasing dept to solicit quotations for equipment and services from supply base to support proposals.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • AutoCAD experience preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, financial or related technical field preferred
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience designing and/or quoting automated or robotic machinery required